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Current Projects


The Caveman

A New Musical (in development)

'The Caveman' is a heartfelt puppet-infused pop musical about the dawn of the first humans and finding there’s more to life than survival. There’s something worth living for. It follows Turk’ak, a caveman den nanny, and his two adopted children, Fizg, a fight anything that moves teenage girl, and Doi, a wooly mammoth with self esteem issues, as they discover the world and what it means to be a family.

A New Musical Quest
(Off-Broadway Premiere June 2022)

The night before their college graduation, a tight-knit group of Dungeons and Dragons players embark on their final quest. They must contend with their anxieties, fears, and obstacles, manifested as fantasy monsters and locales, to discover what their futures may hold. This musical quest will take audiences on a journey through the trepidation and excitement of growing up, holding on to what’s dear, and moving on in life without our “swords”.

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