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Who Took Murnat's Spear?

Update for The Caveman

Two new demos of our full length musical The Caveman have been recorded! The opening number as well as a trio villain song! These demos will be posted soon and will be intense!

Murnat's Spear

I have been thinking a lot about major props in shows. Whether they be the bottle of Mountain Dew Red in Broadway's Be More Chill or Desdemona's handkerchief in Shakespeare's Othello. I've been thinking of this in term of our musical The Caveman and there is one I found interesting. Murnat is described as the OG Neanderthal Frat Bro and he has his prized spear. His spear of Chiefs if you will. This spear is tracked throughout the show as a symbol of authority for the community of cave peoples. Its role and power is redefined after major events take place. It is always rewarding to me to see a prop evolve in meaning during the writing of the script.

"Michael Makes an Entrance"- Be More Chill

I wanted to call attention to props as, naturally, all shows kinda have them some way but also because of tracking them. Understanding what props in a show can be used to establish character and brought back with new meaning. Props that consistently appear, are talked about, or that have significance to plot points will get noticed. Enjoy the props in your show as a writer. There is so much to play with.

Enjoy all elements of your show

Make the most out of your work

See with more than just your eyes

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