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What Makes A Mammoth and What Makes a Man?

Spotlighted Demo

The human father and the wooly mammoth son. A tale as old as time. Look at that, a title and one sentence in and already I have two Disney references. Don't know if I'll be able to look at my own reflection after this post. I'd say be prepared for more but instead of more references, we now have a SUPER SURPRISE DEMO!

"More of a Man"

This song "More of a Man" is the penultimate number of "The Caveman". It features Nathan Fosbinder as Turk'ak and Brian Michael Hoffman* as Grug singing their forgiveness and honest feelings for one another. This is the father and son duet (though the true feelings of father and son are created in this moment)!

Turk'ak and Grug bonding

Few Fun Facts

The original B section to this song was very, very different. After showing it to someone they suggested the B section we have now (and we are so grateful to them). The B section of this song was a struggle to get to. Both musically and lyrically. We over thought it a lot but in the end, simplicity won out. What else could they have said to one another but "You're my dad" and "You're my son"?

My Father and I: A Turk'ak and Grug Story

This song wasn't always the second to last number in the show. It was originally third to last. Before the first draft was ready for a reading we switched the order of the two songs at the last second and we're glad we did! It is now a love letter to all parents and children who have, at one point or another, not been able to express what they other means to them and completes Grug's character arc!

Song's Context in the Show

This, as stated, is the second to last song in the show. Turk'ak has rid himself of the burdensome Cave Paintings and now is devoting his life to that of his adopted children, Fizg and Grug. Before he can do that though he must first get Fizg and Grug's consent to come back into their lives (after a lot of his tumultuous actions pushed them away).

This moment and the following moment (The Invention of Love) is what leads to the the creation of family and the end of the show!

Now. Hear. This.

Now, hear the song that shows a Mammoth can be human too.

The Power to Tell Them They Matter

Overcome the Fear of Connection

See with More Than Just Your Eyes

* indicates member of Actors’ Equity Association (AEA)

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