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The Quest of Off-Broadway

The character sheets have been made. Stats rolled. Backstories written. Dungeon Master approved. It's time to announce next quest for the campaign for our musical "Here There Be Dragons". Our adventurers are set to venture forth on an Off-Broadway run at The Players Theatre beginning June 16th, 2022!

Zarno (player Winston Gault)

Grab your best die and get ready for the musical quest about delving deep into darkness that must be explored!

The Story So Far

This musical itself began it's journey soon after Theo and I graduated from NYU but the origins of the story began much earlier when I was a student in undergrad. The people I played D&D and other Table-Top games with for years have left their imprint on me and it reflects in this show. This musical is a love letter to friendship and those you can honestly call your support network. It's a celebration of the sincere effort it takes to make the choice to be a friend.

Theo and I pulled out all the stops during the pandemic to develop and push this piece. We even received a COVID-19 safe workshop in January 2021 (under the stewardship of Austin Harleson and support of Lauren Carlton) where this musical had a massive overhaul. Since then the musical has gone through more rewrites and we are aiming to continue developing it so the show you see in June of 2022 is the most epic quest you will ever embark on!

We are ecstatic to share this news with everyone and will be sharing more information as it becomes available. For now through, get yourself ready because this is Session Zero and we're in for a great, brilliant quest!


Catch up on the demos we have so far and get geared up for the Off-Broadway run of "Here There Be Dragons"!

Keep On The Quest

Take It To The Moon

See With More Than Just Your Eyes

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