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TBT is S.A.D. (Stand-Alone Day)!

Spotlighted Song

This week we're highlighting a song we wrote a while back!

Stand-Alone Day on Throwback Thursday


This song features vocals from Mickalia Forrester.

Few Fun Facts

The original 1st draft of this song was written on the steps outside of Grand Central Station about 2 years ago. Theo pitched me the first line of the lyric and by the end of about 45 minutes this song was drafted up.

An Inspiring Place: Grand Central Terminal

This song was also featured in the Gallatin Theatre Troupe's Uncharted Cabaret in 2018. "Every" is a song of love and survival. It's more a pop song than a musical theatre song but songwriters will songwrite.

I like to look back on work and see how far I've come as a writer. Always look back and understand where you were when you wrote something and how you've changed since writing it.

Now. Hear. This

Here is the embedded song. Enjoy!

Look back on your work

Know where you are now

See with more than just your eyes

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