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'Roots'- New EP by Billy Simone Band

My good friends Nathan Skethway and Abbey Vermeal of the Billy Simone Band have released their incredible new 5 track EP entitled 'Roots'!

I've known these two amazing talents for a long time and, believe me, you will most definitely want to know them too!

They're dedicated artists who have worked so hard on these songs!

These two inspiring people are ones to keep your eye on!


Their EP is on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and many other music services as well!

Links to the album are above and also their songs are below:


Give it a listen and #SupportNewMusic, #ShareNewMusic!

This whole artistic field is fueled by collaboration with and support for one another. Working together to create is what makes this field so magical. Keep the magic alive! Work with each other and recognize the collaborative work others are doing!

Respect your fellow artists

Enjoy the art they make

See with more than just your eyes

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