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Party Roll Call: Building Characters via D&D

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After a break from this blog for the holidays to which both of us traveled and had very little time for pretty much anything we are back to continue writing about musical projects by the musical writing team of Theo Teris and Chase O'Neill!

Glad to be back and report a lot of work has been done on all projects!

While our project "The Caveman" is undergoing a new draft rewrite (exciting stuff there) I thought it'd be fun to talk about a project we're in the midst of a first draft for. It is a currently Untitled Table Top Adventure Musical!

The current idea for the show is under construction (you can look at the current description here) but there are songs already written!

We hope to record some of those songs soon!

We will keep people updated on this blog as the musical is written and developed!

However, I thought it might be interesting to roll a character, with the help from some friends, who is myself in a table-top adventure game (namely Dungeons & Dragons 5e)!

Character Sheet of Chase O'Neill

More Thoughts

My D&D group helped me make this character who they claim most resembles my attitudes. I am unsure if this is a compliment or not however, thinking about character and where character comes from is essential for musical theatre writing (and all writing, of course). Character motivations, quirks, and point of view makes a character well rounded. Play D&D for world building and character exploration, it may help you write your next great show!

For this interested in lyrics/some D&D lore:

I wrote a lyric sketch for Edden Trixur aka Torch aka Me! In this world he was in love with a Drow (evil subterranean elves) and was actively protesting for Drow acceptance on the surface world (of course without ever having spoken to one and without their knowledge)! He called it:


Take a look:

My Future, My Past, My Now

A Lyric Written by

Edden Trixur aka Torch, Gnome Bard of Glamour

In the place where the lights are out.

Shadows stretch and men are stout.

We’re all nothing without her

Of this I’m abs’lutely sure.

Come down and join me

In the dark to be free.

She is my Drow.

My future, past and now.

Dark as the silk woven night,

Her web fills me with delight.

In the caverns lined with sin

Live my woman and her kin.

Come down and join me

In the dark to be free.

She is my Drow,

My future, past and now.

She is the ruler of the dark

And with her cunning way

There is no hope that can spark.

But she still brightens up my day.

Her power is darkly divine

With armies at her command

She sends shivers down my spine.

And wishing I could stay in her land

Where I can forever hold her hand.

Where I will forever hold her hand.

Come down and join me

In the dark to be free.

She is my Drow,

My future, past and now.

Build your world

Create your characters

See with more than just your eyes

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