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Loneliness: An Origin Story

New Demo

First of all, take a listen to our newest (and first) Soundcloud posting:

"The Invention of Loneliness"

Loneliness can have many different forms. In this take of Loneliness it is caused by caring. Caring so much that your life is not completely whole when a specific person or persons (in this case our characters Fizg and Grug) are not around. To care so much that you feel they mean more than your own logical survival. This is the first step of the show in the realization of our main goals for this show.

Few Fun Facts

Here is a photo of where I am right now:

View of the Ocean in Carpinteria, California

Currently I'm in California celebrating family at my cousin's wedding. Family is at the heart of our show and lives. Family is one of 'The Caveman' cures to loneliness. To quote the #TheoryofRelativityMusical song cycle by Neil Bartram and Brian Hill, "From the family that you're born with / to the family that you choose" (from the song '#Footprint'). Family is as you define it. It's important.

View of the Mountains in Carpinteria, California

Song's Context in the Show

'The Invention of Loneliness' is currently ninth song in our show, 'The Caveman'. The scene follows Turk’ak (the father character and now formerly disgruntled den nanny) realizing that his adopted children Fizg, the fight anything that moves teenage girl, and Grug, the wooly mammoth with social anxiety, mean more to him than he thought. In the previous moment Turk’ak has fled from an attack at the camp and, when he returns, his controlling cave paintings are the only ones left still around as Fizg and Grug have been captured.

Now. Hear. This.

This is our take at the origin story of the feeling of Loneliness.

Listen to the demo here

From the Family you choose

To the Family you invent

See with more than just your eyes

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