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Hunt. Eat. Sleep. Repeat...

Spotlighted Demo

"Hunt-A-Beast" is the status quo world building opening number of our musical The Caveman.


This song introduces a world where all the character can do is survive. It features Ethan Crystal as Turk'ak and Ensemble, Zack Childers as Leader Grug and Ensemble, and Mika Kaufman as Leader Fizg and Ensemble. They hunt, eat, sleep, then repeat. Turk'ak, our put down childs watching den nanny, thinks he can do more but Leader Fizg and Leader Grug (who he will later name his adopted childs after) feel he is too weak and can't do anything but be a den nanny.

The Caveman (Hunt Logo)

Few. Fun. Facts.

The original opening for the first reading of this show was our main character Turk'ak's I Want Song. That song is still in the show but now it's the second song. At the suggestion of a mentor (the incredibly insightful Mel Marvin) a song that is later in the show served as the lunching point to writing this new opening number, "Hunt-A-Beast".

The song that comes later is now called "Hunt-A-Beast (Reprise)" and it is used by the character of Zuke to convince Turk'ak to hunt a different brutish character named Murnat. Tracking where these character's began was incredibly important to breaking open what they want throughout the show and establishing what they are working against.

Song's Context in the Show

This song is the opening number. It establishes the roles the character's play and the social systems within the musical. It establishes the soundscape and the danger of the world as well.

Now. Hear. This.

Take a listen to "Hunt-A-Beast"!

Establish the Challenges

Discover Where Characters Begin

See With More Than Just Your Eyes

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