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Hug Like a Mammoth

Spotlighted Demo

Take a listen to our new demo from our musical "The Caveman" featuring Brian Michael Hoffman as the lovable wooly mammoth, Grug.

"When You're a Mammoth"

This song is a solo that Grug sings about how he thinks he's a bad child but has a plan to be better in his father's eyes. Grug is a sensitive mammoth but, someday, he'll feel like a part of the family and gain self worth as that may or may not be his character arch.

Few Fun Facts

"When You're a Mammoth" was the first song we wrote when we embarked to our journey to the end of the last ice age. When writing this show we knew immediately we wanted this character of "Grug, the anxious wooly mammoth" to be in it. The song has, naturally, changed over the course of the process but we still love this song and are very glad it's currently in the show.

"Hug Like a Mammoth- Grug Club"

Grug has always been one of my favorite characters I've written so far. He's complicated and fun as he struggles to find how he fits into his invented family. We love him so much so that we started the hashtag #GrugClub4Life to raise awareness of our love for the wooly mammoth.

Another fun fact about the character is how many times Theo and I would go to the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan in order to see the exhbit on the extinct animals (mainly the mammoths)! We visited our dear Grug quite a bit and we drew a lot of inspiration from the exhibits there for many other elements of our show too!

Song's Context in the Show

Grug sings this to his adopted human sister Fizg (present in the song and played by Sojourner Brown) and The Birds who are trying to comfort him. Immediately after the song ends Grug convinces The Birds to teach him how to fly with them in order to learn a new useful skill. Being a wooly mammoth Grug does not fly but thinks he does. This will become problematic later in the show when Grug tries to fly away from captivity of a brutish neanderthal. He fails to fly but succeeds in the escape.

From mammoths to whales I'm always game for a show with big lovable not air-born mammals with dreams of flight.

Now. Hear. This.

Now, here's the embedded demo for your enjoyment:

Be inspired from things around you

Hug like a mammoth

See with more than just your eyes

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