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Here Be Workshop

Welcome to our blog! Roll for Initiative!

We have hard at work completing and polishing our full length musical currently titled "Here There Be Dragons"! This has been an exciting experience and I couldn't be happier with the work Theo and I have put into this piece. We are also super excited to be working with a college to mount a workshop of the piece in January 2021! The location is fitting as a small college is where the show is set. More to be announced later but we wanted to share the news!

Here There Be Dragons


On the eve before walking at their college graduation, a tight-knit group of Dungeons & Dragons players embark into what will be their last quest. Over the course of the night’s quest these friends discover the anxiety, fears, and hardships they have and must decide what kinds of people they will be in the real world. “Here There Be Dragons” is a musical quest about realizing that just because this quest is over doesn’t mean that it didn’t mean anything.

Preview Song

Dragons Will Fly

Super excited to share more about this musical with everyone and to share more songs too! Here "Dragons Will Fly", the first song we ever recorded for this show sung by Alex Syiek (lyrics have changed since we recorded this):

Building Connections

Establishing Friendships

See With More Than Just Your Eyes

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