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Fight Like Fizg

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Spotlighted Demo

Take a listen to this weeks spotlighted demo from our musical "The Caveman" that features Sojourner Brown as the 'fight everything that moves' character known as Fizg!

"Be Your Shield"

This is a solo song from Fizg as she dreams of learning to be a fighter but we learn here Turk'ak has been keeping her from practicing. Naturally that won't stop her from trying to learn despite Turk'ak's efforts to protect her from all dangers.

Few Fun Facts

"Be Your Shield" is Fizg revealing her desire to be a fighter. While the hook of the song suggest protection and defensive ideas the rest of the song is attack minded. This could be the origin story for the saying "The Best Defense is a Good Offense". Fizg is a fighter, protector, and, later in the show, a teacher. She is versatile, strong, smart, and the best big sister that a wooly mammoth could ask for.

Fizg is rebellious as well and is looking to prove herself to herself. We feel this song captures her tenacity, cleverness, and intentionality well.

Song's Context in the Show

Right before this song Grug is worried Turk'ak will be mad at them because Fizg and Grug had lied to him about gathering food and are instead going to visit their friends The Birds. Grug also contemplates his role in the pack which leads Fizg to sing this song about how it is her role to 'be his shield'.

Later in the show the roles will be reversed where Grug, who wants to prove his worth by teaching others, will protect Fizg from danger and Fizg will be the one to teach others. Criss-Cross Plots!

Now. Hear. This.

And now, here is the song:

Fight Like Fizg

Protect Your Family

See with more than just your eyes

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