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Dragons Fly Over Kansas

Back in Late January 2021 we had an opportunity to present a reading of "Here There Be Dragons" at Tabor College in Kansas thanks to the college's amazing professors Austin Harleson and Lauren Carlton. We are forever grateful for this chance to do a COVID-19 safe workshop reading!

Marilla Flynn brilliantly singing "Split the Party" from our musical!

Writing Process

Before even entering the workshop 2 songs were cut from the show. The book was polished and sent off and then polished some more after feedback and then polished even more after more feedback. The attention to detail that Austin Harleson, the workshop's director, gave to our show was incredibly helpful and started almost a year before we even got into the room together to hear it all aloud.

During the workshop we cut 25 pages from the script in a major restructuring of the book, completely rewrote a major song, cut yet another number that was unnecessary to the progression of the show, and wrote in a new scene that tied the entire show together.

All through these major changes to the script and score the students of Tabor College in the workshop were nothing but professional and fantastic to work with. They gave constructive feedback that would be crucial to the development of "Here There Be Dragons" and proved to me that this show would thrive at colleges like the one where the show is set. We were also able to record some demos while at the school which was amazing and will definitely help with the future development of this show.

The week Theo and I spent at Tabor College this past January was the most intense work we've done in the room in a long time and was so incredibly refreshing.


Demos of three crucial songs from our musical "Here There Be Dragons":

Roll the Dice

Jump on Opportunities

See With More Than Just Your Eyes

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